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Planmeca system used for 3D imaging of a tooth.

Tooth Extractions

No one enjoys the thought of losing a tooth, but it is sometimes necessary to perform tooth extractions. Our dental team at Topsfield Smiles takes pride in helping our patients retain their natural teeth whenever possible. However, when tooth removal is needed, we make the procedure as stress-free and painless as possible.

A tooth may need to be removed for many reasons. Some people are born with narrow or small mouths that cannot comfortably accommodate a full set of teeth. Others may have teeth that grow incorrectly or impact other teeth. Trauma, disease and decay can also result in a tooth that needs to be removed. Whatever the reason, careful tooth extraction can safely resolve the issue and offer relief for the patient.

Stress-Free Tooth Removal

Tooth extractions are considered oral surgery and require rest and recovery after the procedure. However, the procedure is usually quick and painless when performed by our experienced dentist. We utilize the latest in dental technology and imaging to plan the tooth extraction to minimize risks and complications. During the procedure, patients will be pain-free with the use of anesthesia to numb the tooth. Most tooth extractions can be completed in a short office visit, and our team will explain how to care for your mouth to help accelerate the healing process.

After the tooth is removed, it is important to rest and recover. You will want to allow the surgery site to heal over the following 3-4 days and avoid hard foods, tobacco, using a straw and any irritation. In most cases, there is very little discomfort – you can use the recommended pain relievers to relieve any pain.

Tooth extractions do not need to be painful or stressful. Our dental professionals at Topsfield Smiles can discuss what to expect during and after your procedure. We can also talk about tooth restorations like dental implants or dentures if you want to replace your removed tooth. Contact our office in Topsfield, MA, to schedule a tooth removal consultation. We  welcome patients from Topsfield, Boxford, Danvers, Hamilton, Ipswich, Middleton, Peabody, Rowley, Wenham and the surrounding area.

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