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TMJ & TMD Treatment

The jaw exerts a tremendous amount of pressure and requires a healthy joint to perform. When the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is stressed or misaligned, it can lead to multiple function and discomfort symptoms. TMJ disorders, or TMD, can be painful and impact your quality of life. As part of our general dentistry services at Topsfield Smiles, we offer diagnosis and TMJ and TMD treatment at our dental center in Topsfield, MA.

The causes and symptoms of TMD vary greatly. The TMJ includes the bone joint, ligaments, tendons and muscles that all contribute to the jaw movement. When any of these components is diseased or injured, it can result in TMD symptoms. Arthritis, trauma, malocclusions, missing teeth and bruxism can all impact the jaw joint and cause disorders. Symptoms of TMD can include:

  • Jaw and facial pain
  • Locking jaw
  • Popping or clicking in the jaw joint
  • Earaches
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Dizziness or vertigo

To determine the best TMJ and TMD treatment, a thorough exam is needed. If the stress on the jaw is due to orthodontic or dental issues, resolving these conditions can factor into relieving the symptoms of TMD.

Jaw Pain, Facial Pain Relief

TMJ/TMD treatment varies from patient to patient. Orthodontics like braces or aligners can resolve some TMJ disorders, while others benefit from replacing missing teeth or fixing dental issues. Many patients with TMD can benefit from using a dental nightguard, which can protect the teeth and jaw from bruxism or teeth grinding. A nightguard can also reposition the jaw, allowing the joint to relax while sleeping.

To determine the best TMD treatment for you, our dentist can perform a thorough exam to isolate the problems in the jaw. A personalized treatment plan will be recommended to help you restore better jaw function and relieve jaw and facial pain.

Are you experiencing symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder? Come see us at Topsfield Smiles. We welcome patients from Topsfield, Boxford, Danvers, Hamilton, Ipswich, Middleton, Peabody, Rowley, Wenham and the surrounding area for TMD treatment. Contact our office in Topsfield, MA, to schedule your TMJ exam – we have extended hours available for your convenience.

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