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Root Canal Therapy

The inner tooth contains pulp and live nerve tissue that can cause significant pain if irritated or infected. If a tooth is damaged or decayed, bacteria can find their way inside the tooth and result in an abscess or infected tooth. Once the interior of the tooth is infected, there are usually only two choices to stop the infection. Remove the tooth or perform root canal therapy to save the tooth. At Topsfield Smiles, we can save infected teeth and stop tooth pain with root canals at our clinic in Topsfield, MA.

The enamel and dentin of the outer tooth protect the softer pulp and nerves inside the roots of the teeth. Teeth have one to four roots and inside the roots is where the nerves and blood vessels enter and sustain the live tissue. When a crack or decay in the tooth allow bacteria to reach the inner sanctum, it can destroy the tooth. The nerves can be put under pressure, causing deep, throbbing tooth pain. Root canal therapy can remove the infection and the nerves, stopping the pain and saving the tooth.

Root Canals Offers Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

New dental technology has made it less invasive to perform root canals. In the past, it could require multiple visits for root canals, which was inconvenient and uncomfortable. With our advanced imaging and same day dental crowns, Topsfield Smiles can perform most root canal therapy in one visit. The top of the tooth is opened to reach the inside of the roots to clean out the diseased pulp and nerves. Once the interior of the root canals is disinfected and repacked, we seal the tooth. If the tooth needs a dental crown, we can often do that the same day with our on-site dental crown design and milling.

Once a root canal is performed on an infected tooth, the intense pain is gone. The nerve roots are removed, which is what sends pain signals to the brain. The tooth may be sore after the anesthesia wears off, but similar to a tooth that had a cavity filled.

If you have intense tooth pain, you may have an infected tooth. Call our office in Topsfield, MA, to schedule an exam. We offer gentle root canal therapy that can stop the pain and save your infected tooth. Contact Topsfield Smiles today to book your appointment.

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