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Invisalign Aligner

Straight teeth are possible without the need for metal braces. If you have crooked teeth that overlap or gaps between your teeth, Invisalign® clear aligners may be right for you. Enjoy the benefits of a straight smile without enduring metal brackets and wires for a year or longer. At Topsfield Smiles, we offer clear “braces” with the Invisalign aligner at our dental center in Topsfield, MA.

Invisalign aligners are made from BPA-free clear plastic and customized to fit your teeth. The clear aligners are designed from 3D images of your teeth and made to apply gentle pressure to shift your teeth into the correct position. The Invisalign treatment involves wearing a set of aligners for about two weeks at a time, then changing to the next aligners for your treatment plan. Each set of aligners brings you closer to your ideal smile. Most treatment plans are similar in length to wearing braces, anywhere from several months to two years.
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Benefits of Clear Aligners vs Braces

The drawbacks to metal braces are well-known. The brackets and wires can be uncomfortable, especially when you first start wearing them. Many people do not like the appearance of braces on their teeth. Braces make it difficult to thoroughly clean your teeth, as there are areas you cannot reach under the brackets. Plus, certain crunchy or chewy foods are off limits due to the damage they can cause to braces.

With Invisalign aligners, the clear plastic is almost invisible, and it is much more comfortable than braces. The aligners can be removed for up to two hours a day to eat and perform oral hygiene. Invisalign aligners offer similar treatment without the drawbacks of braces, making them very popular for our patients that desire orthodontic treatment.

To learn more about Invisalign and whether clear aligners may be right for you, contact us at Topsfield Smiles. We have flexible payment options available for your orthodontic treatment. Call our office in Topsfield, MA, to schedule your orthodontic consultation – we are close by Middleton, Boxford, Rowley and Wenham.

Get your smile back

  • Invisalign aligners are practically invisible, providing the wearer with a sense of confidence. You can also use Invisalign stickables to jazz up your smile during treatment.
  • Patients who have used Invisalign aligners typically find them comfortable and do not get in the way of eating, drinking, or smiling.
  • You can remove Invisalign aligners for those important events such as presentations, instrumental performances, and sporting events.
  • Results from Invisalign are effective in both teens and adults. Your dentist will monitor progress throughout the treatment journey.

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