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Halitosis Treatment

Bad breath odor can make you feel self-conscious in social interactions, but it can be a sign of other dental problems. Oral odor can be an indication of infection, decay and other issues that occur in the mouth. While everyone can have occasional bad breath, if you have chronic problem, you may have halitosis. At Topsfield Smiles, we can diagnosis the cause of chronic bad breath and offer halitosis treatment at our dental center in Topsfield, MA.

The foods, beverages and other substances you consume can impact your breath. Garlic, onions, coffee and cigarettes all are common causes of bad breath. However, once you perform oral hygiene or these substances are out of the body, your breath should return to normal. With chronic halitosis, you may experience bad oral odor even when you have brushed your teeth or used mouthwash. Some of the causes of halitosis can include:

  • Gum or periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth infections
  • Dry mouth/mouth breathing
  • Health conditions (diabetes, respiratory infection, gastrointestinal disorders)

While halitosis can be related to health problems, the first place to check is the mouth. It is likely that the cause of your bad breath is a dental or oral health issue that can be treated by a dentist.

Treatment for Bad Breath

The first step in determining the cause of your halitosis is a comprehensive dental exam and teeth cleaning. Bacteria are often the culprit of bad breath, which can be flourishing in your mouth if you have plaque, tartar, tooth decay or an abscess. A teeth cleaning can remove plaque and tartar, which may be all you need to restore fresh breath. A thorough exam can reveal if you have any cavities or tooth infections that need treatment.

Our dental team at Topsfield Smiles can determine if your halitosis is caused by an oral health problem and offer halitosis treatment. If there is no sign of dental issues, you may be referred to your doctor to determine if there is an internal health issue contributing to your halitosis.

Bad breath can be an uncomfortable condition, but it can often be resolved with dental care. If you live on the North Shore, come see us at our dental center in Topsfield, MA. We offer halitosis treatment and welcome new patients at Topsfield Smiles.

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